The iPhone

January 10, 2007

Sweet. I’ve been waiting for this.

The iPhone from Apple has been announced. My quick initial take:

  • Just a large screen in a sleek device, do away with most every button -- just as I expected, and as I always said would be true of the mobile device of the future.
  • Software trumps hardware, as this article put it. I've always said it's not about the device. We've still got a ways to go, though, before it moves from embedded software to software served from the cloud (the internet). The iPhone is at least technically ready for this with it's WiFi connectivity.
  • WiFi, Cingular's EDGE network, Bluetooth 2.0 -- all the connectivity you need, and I hope to see better use of this connectivity on in the OSX software.
  • Awesome integration of Google Maps. I've been saying that Google + Apple is a beautiful thing, and Google's CEO joining Apple's board demonstrated the two companies have a healthy relationship. I think the iPhone is a first glimpse of those fruits. Expect to see complete integration of Google Talk VOIP in a future version of the software on this device (you see, software over hardware means you can easily add features).
  • The device currently works only with Cingular. Glad I've remained a Cingular customer. I joined Cingular years ago because I thought they came across as an innovative company. The fact that they worked with Apple and agreed to change some of their processes and let the manufacturer (in this case Apple) dictate to the carrier instead proves that they are indeed innovative, or want to be. Cingular only has 53 million customers (by contrast, Apple's sold 100 million iPods), but my bet is that Cingular sees the most growth of any carrier in the year ahead, all because of the iPhone.
  • The mobile web, revolutionized. Wow, finally a novel approach to browsing the web on your mobile phone. View full web pages, zoom in and out so you can read it.
  • The touch screen looks incredible. Flip through CD covers, scroll through information with a dash of your finger.
  • The embedded OSX looks sexy, bold, colorful, and really simple. To hell with the clumsy, lame operating systems (from a basic Nokia to Microsoft's ridiculous Windows Mobile). Synchronize with PC and Mac
  • Turn the device sideways, and the device detects that you want to view in wide-screen. We've seen technology like this in other devices of late, but this is the supreme use to me.
  • An iPod, phone, camera and web browser -- all in one sleek device. A big step towards the all in one device we so desperately need (or want).
  • Again, it's simple. Intuitive, clean, friendly, simple. That goes so far. Google sells simplicity, Apple's iPod sells simplicity. Phones have been broken, Apple's fixing it. That's game changing.
  • I want to see more space (4GB and 8GB for now), but I'm sure that'll happen quickly.
  • What about Gmail? I imagine I'd prefer doing things the Gmail way over the mail application on the phone, even though I'm sure I can use POP with it. Maybe Google will release a cleanly integrated Gmail App for it?

Ok, more later. Super busy, sorry for the lack of communication. You guessed it, stay tuned.